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ive been bleeding for weeks period

Constant bleeding from having implant,given progesterone only pill ...
Hi everyone, I have had the contraceptive implant for about three months now . didnt work. tried waiting and ive been on my period for a year an a half now. im so . the bleeding had stopped completely. ive only been on it for a few weeks so i .

Lo Loestrin Fe And Continuous Bleeding ... - The People's Medicine ...
21st and I have been bleeding non-stop (literally all day, every day). . I started taking this pill two weeks ago and have been bleeding . I only usually have two days of mild cramping with my period prior to taking this pill.


Spotting/Bleeding in between periods on Ortho Evra?
I have been on the patch for almost 6 years now. I haven't had a problem . However in the past couple of weeks I have had some bleeding.

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Re: ive been bleeding for weeks period

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lish01 wrote:


Irregular periods and bleeding with Depo Provera Birth Control ...
i have been on the depo provera for about a year now and want to try . Since my first shot in april 2007 I bleed anywhere from 2-3 weeks out .



Abnormal bleeding between periods... - Womens' Health - Everyday ...
The in-between bleeding isn't full on like my normal period, but it's bad enough to where I regularly have to have tampons with me, all the time! I've been to .





lish01 wrote:


Abnormal bleeding during peri-menopause - Womens' Health ...
I'm having periods more frequently, and occasionally I spot for up to a week after . I have been searching on here for awhile, hoping to find someone else who .



"Longer than normal period": Women's Health Community - Support Group
So now I began my period again and Im not even on the placebo weeks pills ( which is usually when my period begins. Ive been bleading for 9 .

NuvaRing And Excessive Bleeding - Forum Thread
After like 5 days of a normal period, I had excessive discharge ... like visually excessive . I have been bleeding non-stop for a week and a half.

Birth Control Forum - Continual bleeding with Paragard IUD
I have been examined and everything is as it should be. . the time of my period and I have some spotting all week where I think I''m going to .

Perimenopause: Bleeding 10 weeks now - Menopause Message ...
Apr 12, 2010 . Still have no insurance otherwise I would of been there weeks ago. . all my menstrual history, I've been been like clockwork - a period every .

Early Miscarriages - What Early Miscarriages Look Like
I had some little pains in the stomach a day or two before but no bleeding then. So I have been with out a period for only 2 weeks and this happens. What could .