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funnel filter removable filter

Funnels & Filters 146263510 Buchner Table-Top Funnel 10-1/4" w ...
Porous filter plate Buchner funnels available with medium porosity (45-90 microns) or coarse porosity (90-130 microns). Fixed and removable filter plates are .

Kitchen Craft Funnel with Removable Filter, Stainless Steel, 13cm ...
Kitchen Craft Funnel with Removable Filter, Stainless Steel, 13cm: Amazon.co.uk : Kitchen & Home.


Disposable Filter Funnels
The Whatman Disposable Filter Funnels, available in 25 and 47 mm . use or batch sample processing; Robotic friendly; Removable filter allows for further .

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Filtering Funnels - Thomas Scientific
Buchner funnels available with medium porosity (45-90 microns) or coarse porosity (90-130 microns). Fixed and removable filter plates are 6.4mm (1/4") thick .



Filter Funnel at Thomas Scientific
…coarse porosity fritted glass filter support base, an aluminum clamp and a 300 mL glass funnel Screen is removable in assemblies with stainless steel support .





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Ableware Collecting Funnel, Urine, with Filter : Diabetes
This small kidney stone collecting funnel with removable filter is easy to use, clean and carry. The removable plastic strainer cup has very small perforations, .



Table-Top Buchner Funnels - Buchner Funnels
A REMOVABLE filter plate is available for use in precious .

Funnels and Filters - Omega Bio-Tek: Innovations in nucleic acid ...
F136700000, FILTER, IMMERSION, HDPE, 40MM, 2/PKG, 12/ .

DURAN GROUP - Glass filtration apparatus and accessories
Removable filter discs ensure easy cleaning; Slit-sieve disc for mounting filter . filter; Only glass and PTFE come into contact with the medium; Funnel with scale .

NALGENE Labware - Product Detail - 140 Analytical Filter Funnels
Convenient snap-away design with removable membrane. Safer and easier to use than cumbersome glass and metal funnels. Each package of 12 filters .

fisherSci.com - Chemglass* Polyethylene Buchner Funnel, Table Top
Chemglass* Polyethylene Buchner Funnel, Table Top . Removable Filter, I.D.: 260mm, 178mmH, Medium Porosity, CG141303 Chemglass No.:CG-1413-03 .