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Having Fun in the Middle of the Great Depression
Although the 1930s was a time of great hardship, people still found ways to . Entertainment was one way to leave behind worries about crops, weather and .

The 1930's
At the time, people didn't realize that in 50 years televions would be the main toy and entertainment of the century. Another big hit in the 1930's was for the whole .

Entertainment during the Great Depression - Wikipedia, the free ...
During the 1930s the United States was facing its longest and most deep . Spending money on entertainment was out of the question for most people.


American Cultural History - 1930-1939
By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what they could to make their lives happy. Movies were hot, parlor games and board .

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Re: entertainment figures from the 1930 s

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What did people do for entertainment in the 1930s
What was the entertainment in 1930s? Working all they everyday. Famous people in the 1930s? nobody. How did people communicate in the 1930s?



The Decline in Average Weekly Cinema Attendance: 1930 -2000
swept the United States in the 1930's, a higher percentage of the population went to . entertainment and a way for people to forget their troubles with stories that .





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1930s history including Popular Culture, Prices ... - The People History
1930s History, events, news popular culture , technology advances for the . The continued increase in use of Radio for entertainment and the refinement of the .



Batman 1930s Batmobile and Batman Figure ... - Entertainment Earth
Batman 1930s Batmobile and Batman Figure - Corgi - Batman - Vehicles: Die- Cast at Entertainment Earth. Entertainment Earth is a major retail and wholesale .

The 1930s: Sports: Overview -
The 1930s: Sports: Overview has The 1930s: Sports: Overview . many different times by different people, and no one, with the possible exception of . that sport was becoming a gaudy spectacle for mass entertainment.

Teenagers: An American History - H-Net Reviews
The result is an entertaining and illustrative approach that shows how youth and . Palladino begins her study in the 1930s, when boys struggled to find work . out that the 1930s was also an important decade in that young people began to .

Jazz History: The Standards (1930s)
The Trends, People, and Events that Shaped the Jazz Standards Canon . The dawn of the 1930s found America (and the world) caught in the grip of the Great . Radio continued to be an important source of entertainment, but motion pictures .

American Movie Audiences of the 1930s
Entertainment audiences have not always been quiet.2 Working class audi- ences, in . By the 1930s most people went to the movies, but some went more than .