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Canadian Biofuel | Raw Materials
Found Feedstocks: wood; cardboard fibre; waxed cardboard; agricultural residues. Canadian Biofuel will procure and densify waste and virgin wood, cardboard, .

Canadian Biofuel | About Us
Canadian Biofuel has developed a unique system for the sustainable production of high quality Biomass Fuel Pellets and Briquettes using wood, found .

Wood biofuel could be a competitive industry by 2020
Nov 8, 2011 . Compared to corn, wood-based biofuel is considered more sustainable but is not currently produced in large commercial quantities in Canada .


CORE BioFuel - News & Events
CORE BioFuel Inc., a Canadian company focused on energy security for the . last step in its wood?to?gasoline process to produce high?octane, benzene?free, .

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Canadian biofuel plans derailed : Nature News & Comment
2 days ago . Canadian company Iogen Energy in Ottawa announced on 30 April that it has . wood chips, grass, and the stalks, leaves and stems of food crops. It is seen as a more sustainable biofuel because it does not divert food from .



Wood Hogs - by Fink Machine Canada. Commercial, Industrial Bio ...
Canadian manufacturer of wood hogs, wood processing and alternative heating systems. Wood processing, industrial, commercial wood waste reduction .





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CN - Ship your wood pellets biofuel throughout North America ...
If you are shipping renewable alternative fuels like wood pellets in Canada or the US, CN has the market reach, reliability and capacity to serve you.



Grass Biofuel Pellets - Welcome to Resource Efficient Agricultural ...
Switchgrass for bioheat in Canada (Samson 2008) . Unprecedented opportunities for biofuel development are occurring as a result of a number . In these systems, grass pellets or briquettes are used much like wood pellets and can provide .

Wood biofuel seen as corn competitor -
Nov 8, 2011 . Wood as a source of biofuel could compete with corn by 2020 if support for a wood biofuel industry is forthcoming, Canadian researchers say.

Wood-Based Biofuel Threatens Canadian Forests - Softpedia
Nov 4, 2011 . Greenpeace has assumed an active role in pointing out that manufacturing biofuel and producing electricity out of large amounts of wood are .

Innovation turning wood waste into bio-fuel for transportation | Smart ...
5 days ago. and innovation to turn wood waste into bio-fuel that can help companies in . Australian energy, mining sectors trolling Canada for workers .

CORE BioFuel Inc. Announces Secured Investment For its "Green ...
Jan 25, 2012 . Canadian company CORE BioFuel Inc. has secured capital investments to fund the completion of its wood-to-Green Gasoline production plant.